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 Catastrophic Roach Infestations and Efficient Roach Elimination

Honest Pest Control Inc in Loves Park, Illinois, has the experience and equipment needed to prevent roach infestations through our roach elimination. Of the 2,000 or so species of roaches in the world some 50 to 70 varieties can be found here in the United States. The most important of these species that we live with everyday are the German, Oriental, American, and Brown-Banded varieties. 

Odorous Secretions

Cockroaches produce odorous secretions which can affect the flavor of food and lend a musty odor to the air near their infestations. All roaches feed on a variety of foods including starchy materials, meat products, cheese, leather, beer, bakery products, glue, hair, dead animals, and decaying vegetation.

Reliable Approach
As with any pests that are infesting your home, we provide long-term solutions that don’t simply move roaches outside of your view. To prevent most roach infestations keep your home as clean as possible just as you would to avoid ants.

German Roach

The German roach is referred to as the kitchen roach because its primary habitat is kitchens and dining areas, but can
be found in other areas that provide food, moisture and shelter. Adults reach a length of about a 1/2 inch and are pale
brown or reddish brown in color. Each egg case will contain an average of 35 eggs that eventually hatch at room
temperature in about a month.

This variety is also known as the water bug or black roach and the female is larger and broader than the male, reaching
a length of about one to 1 and 1/4 inches. Adults are dark-brown to black in color and they live outdoors while occasionally
seeking shelter in structures during dry, wet, or cold spells. They are greater in number in spring and early summer and
each egg case contains 16 eggs, which at room temperature will hatch in two months.

Oriental Roach

Often referred to as the water bug, red roach and flying roach, these adults are reddish brown in color and reach a length of one 1/2 to two inches. During the early nymph stages, the color is lighter than the adults and they prefer places that are warm, dark, and humid. Sewer openings and warm pipe tunnels provide ideal points of entry to a structure and most problems with infestations occur in basement, boiler rooms, elevator pits, janitor closets, and restrooms. Each egg contains 16 eggs and will hatch in less than two months.

Adults are pale brown and resemble the German roach but may be distinguished by two lighter bands that transverse the base of the wings and abdomen. The female is somewhat broader than the male and both are about 1/2 inch in length. The male has fully developed wings and will fly when disturbed, while the wings of the female are non-functional. The female carries the ootheca for one or two days after it is formed and then attaches it securely to a protected surface. The egg cases will contain some 16 to 18 eggs that will hatch in about two months, depending on temperature.

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